Sunday, 6 July 2014

My 10 Summer Wardrobe Essentials

My Summer essentials are different pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes that are essential to my Summer wardrobe. This is a list of my necessities for Summer which I would not be able to survive without (a little over dramatic?!)

1)      Tank tops
This is an absolute essential for me especially in the Summer when it’s hot, and all you want to do is stay cool- well that is when tank tops come into use! Plus they are great to wear underneath semi-see through/see through tops... so you know... you don’t have everything on show!

2)      Crop tops
Crop tops so perfect for Summer! They are so handy and can be paired with any piece, to create a gorgeous Summer outfit. I love plain crop tops in light and bright colours, and they are really easy and look lovely with floral and pattern skirts and distressed denim shorts. You can also wear them with high waisted clothing which I prefer to do as I don’t particularly like showing my stomach too much, and so I usually wear crop tops with high waisted skirts, shorts and jeans. 

3)      Denim shirt
My wardrobe isn’t complete without one when it’s sunny, as it is great to throw over your shoulders to stop them from burning and can also be used to cover up for the evening when its cooler and little bit breezy.

4)      Floral skirt
Skirts  are the perfect piece for Summer and floral ones are even better! They can be paired with a simple white top or graphic tee for the perfect Summer outfit, or can be dressed up with a pair or pumps or heels for the ideal comfy evening outfit.

5)      Denim shorts
I practically live in shorts during the Summer wearing them literally repeatedly for months, 
and so I have several pair of denim ones. They are really practical and keep you cool whilst being stylish, which is a bonus!

6)      Oversized t-shirts
I have so many of these in so many different colours, and I just keep on adding to my collection. They are great for a simple and effortless look, and they keep you cool on hot Summer days. (There is nothing worse than boiling in a tight and figure hugging top all day!) They also go with literally everything, skirts, shorts, jeans, trousers...

7)      Bright dress
I love bright colours in the Summer, as they really fit in with the hot weather and make the most of it! They really show off personality through the colours and your own personal style, whilst being all summery. Dresses are so convenient when it’s hot and look so stylish and keep you feeling cool at the same time.

8)      Sandals
I wear sandals most days during the Summer. I buy a pair every year and wear them until they fall apart or no longer fit. I especially love the way they look, and add a Summer feel to an outfit!

9)      Converses
Converses are a definite must - have in my wardrobe! I always have at least one pair, and I repurchase these every year when they are worn and tatty. I especially love the white ones, even though they are slightly impractical as they get dirty so easily but they go with everything and are comfortable too!

10)   Necklaces
        I am really starting to love necklaces and I think they will definitely be a staple piece in my Summer wardrobe. They really add a statement and a bit of ‘bling’ to an outfit and make the plainest piece of clothing look gorgeous! Even plain gold and silver necklaces add to an outfit making it look pretty and effortless. 

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