Thursday, 24 July 2014

Holiday Looks - Summer 2014 #4

H&M Basic White Tee (not on website!)

This is my last 'holiday looks' posts, and my favourite too!

I purchased this playsuit, a month or so ago and has featured on 'my summer purchases' post (check it out, if you like!) This is definitely one of my favourite summer time outfits, as it is so simple and effortless! Also I have never really been know to wear black as I think it looks took dark against my hair, but with the while polka dots and a light top underneath I don't think it looks too dark! It is also easy to revive this outfit and make it look completely different by changing the colour top underneath, adding jewellery and maybe even adding a tee over the playsuit to make it completely different?!

What is you favourite summer time outfit?


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