Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Hello and welcome to my blog!

I really hope you enjoy scrolling and reading through the variety of my posts dedicated to fashion, and hopefully this will give you tips and ideas for your own style!

I decided to start blogging to share my passion for fashion with you and to write about anything and everything about it. I am learning so much about fashion and about my own personal style and what works, what suits me, where to shop and where not to shop. I would also like to work out whether I would enjoy and be capable of somehow working in the fashion industry. 

I  hope that this blog will help and be a good place to learn and share and that someone somewhere will find my posts helpful in some way, or even enjoy reading them to get some tips and explore the current trends. 

I would love any feedback that you might have and it would be great if you could leave any comments on any blog posts you would like to see!

Love, Rosi x

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