Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Summer Purchases

Recently I have done quite a bit of shopping for Summer! This Summer I am trying to buy clothes that are a little bit out of my comfort zone and widen my style and try new things.

So the items of clothing in this post are all from Asos, and I am an Asos newbie! I honestly prefer to go shopping, rather than buying on the internet, but I thought I would give it a try as I know LOADS of people love and live by Asos! My experience so far has been great, I love the items I have bought and they are good quality too which is always a bonus. I would highly  recommend Asos, as I know sometimes when you buy clothing online it's not always as good as it looks and can be really bad quality, but Asos was not like this at all.

The first thing I bought was this red boxy top, which I absolutely love! It’s so bright and cheerful and I actually have no red in my wardrobe. I have also always thought that brighter colours look better closer to my face, as I have such dark hair, and I think darker colours sometimes wash me out a bit.  

Next I bought this playsuit which is navy blue with white spots, but I would say its more black than navy blue, but anyway... This piece is missing panels at both sides (don’t worry, its meant to come like that), so it means that a top underneath is necessary unless you like to go partially naked (your choice?!). This means that you are able to add a bit of your own thing to the outfit, by changing the colours underneath to suit you.

The final item I bought was a pair of shorts, because you know that you can never have enough shorts for summer! They are just a plain black pair, but they have a really pretty scallop detailing along the edge. They are made out of quite a thin fabric, and they have a small zip on the side and a button on the inside. These shorts would be great for both day and evening wear as they could be easily dressed up, and look fancy by dressing them with a nice pair of heels or wedges!

What have you been loving this Summer?

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